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Windows Vista Ultimate is basically a flagship edition that is suitable for a large genre from domestic consumer to small business systems because it is the first OS that has combined the infrastructure of a business centered operating system, entertainment features of domestic consumer centered OS and productivity of mobile focused OS. The Vista ultimate includes all the features from Vista Enterprise and Home premium and more that are discussed in the article.

Child appropriate features

This Vista Ultimate keeps all family members safe from the exposure of any inappropriate content on internet. The parental controls can be set to keep the children away from the contents that are not suitable for them.

Safeguard from digital threats

Windows Vista ultimate have Windows Defender to safeguard your system from spyware, viruses and other digital threats and keeps the users alerted of any potential threat. The Defender regularly scans the system and offers to remove the damaging element if there is found any in the system. Anti-phishing protects the users from the potential harm caused by fraudulent websites who steal the personal data of users for their own reasons and the protected mode of Internet Explorer prevents the system from downloading unwanted and malicious software.

Safer and faster remote access

This particular edition makes it safer and easier for the users to work from any place they want by remotely accessing their data because Vista ultimate has all the advanced security and networking features to keep the safe and smooth on all the shared computers through encryption of files for every user. It also provides integrated faxing and scanning functions that are flexible enough to not only scan and fax but also easier to share the resources with other users. The Vista ultimate cache the key system information on flash memory devices such as USB which speeds up the performance because the flash memory are often accessed quicker as compared to the hard disk. It also enhances the responsiveness and consistency of system by tracking the most often used apps and preloading them in the memory for quicker access. All this results into a fast and smooth remote access to the required data and the Sync Center keeps all the portable devices that a user have in sync with the PC. Moreover users can get wirelessly connected to a friend’s system through their mobile via Windows Meeting Space and can share data without requiring internet.

Everything safe and accessible

Everything that is stored in Vista Ultimate is safe and can be accessed and viewed instantly when needed. For instance Windows Backup and Restore Center schedules automated restoration and backups to keep the important settings and files safe from getting lost. Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption feature protects the data from getting lost or stolen if the device containing the data is ever harmed or stolen. Easy viewing is facilitated by Flip 3D which enables the users to flip the programs that are opened in 3D stacked view. Users can now more easily find things in their systems and on internet as well through the advanced instant search technologies of Vista Ultimate.

High quality entertainment

The Vista Ultimate has every option that a consumer look in an operating system for entertainment and fun. The Windows Media Center enables the users to enjoy their favorite TV shows in their own timings. They can watch record and pause their favorite TV or premium HD cable content, look for the required program in the built in TV guide, listen to the music and share their slide shows with friends all on their computer or TV screens due to the Media Center. Windows Media Player 11 and its new features are particularly designed to manage the digital library consisting music, videos and photos. It also sync the library with various portable players.

More creative and more fun

Users can also enjoy digital media of their PC anywhere in their home. Moreover, users can retain HD quality in their movies when they capture, edit and then publish them from the HD camcorder. This how they can also create a professional standard DVD complete with chapters and transitions that can be enjoyed on home DVD player. With Windows DVD Maker users can also burn their home movies and slide shows to DVD.

Ultimate gaming experience

When it comes to gaming, the Extender devices such as Xbox 360 connected to users' home network can provide the ultimate gaming experience. DirectX 10 makes Vista Ultimate to run the most advanced and latest games that are available in market while Windows Games Explorer installs and manages all the games and provide a single platform for users to access the games. Moreover, There are 3 new premium games namely Chess Titans, Mahjong Titans and InkBall added in the OS.

Sleep and resume modes

The features pauses and then resumes computer sessions in no time. The benefit of this feature is that the battery life is conserved when the computer is in sleep mode which enhances the battery performance.

Easier and smarter interface

The user interface of Vista ultimate is very easy and anyone can navigate through the OS without any confusion and difficulty. The important thing to know is that Windows Aero is the main feature of the interface that helps the users to juggle between multiple tasks at a time. This particular feature adds amazing visual effects to the Vista Ultimate environment including handy animations, thumbnail previews for the programs that are opened and transparent glass based menu bars.

Windows Ultimate Extras

Windows Vista Ultimate comes with various Extras that users can acquire in order to avail exclusive services and software designed particularly to complement Vista ultimate.

The Vista ultimate with multiple languages option, versatile features and infrastructure is for everyone who want to have a simple yet a useful operating system that can provide every utility suitable to their needs.

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