Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016

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Title: Windows Server 2016
Added On August 16, 2019
Updated On September 08, 2019 4:37 pm
Version: Server 2016
Category: Windows Server
License Type: Commercial Trial
Operating System: Upgraded Windows Server 2012
Developers: Microsoft Inc.
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Windows Server 2016 came in the market with new features that attract user interest. For virtual private server and dedicated servers, this is the best operating system for data centers. To keep your data more secure and deploy with reliable resources. This operating system is developed by Microsoft, they updated their interface and add a lot of extra features. Windows server complete professional version released in 2016. Here you can see the interface of Windows server in snapshots.

Windows Server Containers create a highly agile Windows Server environment, enabling you to accelerate the DevOps process to efficiently build and deploy modern applications. Through this release, millions of Windows developers will be able to experience the benefits of containers for the first time using the languages of their choice – whether.NET, ASP.NET, and PowerShell or Python, Ruby on Rails, Java and many others. Importantly, the major good news is; it is available in multiple languages like Chinese, Russian, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Hungarian, Turkish, Italian and more.

Windows Server 2016 was officially released on 26 September 2016. This version was released to fulfill the business need of the market. It can handle multiple requests as it has cloud-based feature. It is easy to use, flexible, and reasonable. This server operating system is used for small and medium business. It can handle 25 users requests and 50 devices at a time.


  • Introduce an attractive user interface.
  • Modify searching.
  • Windows Defender is installed by default without GUI.
  • Brand new server role to monitor virtual and physical network devices.
  • DHCP role does not support Network Access Protection anymore.
  • New installation options have been added named Nano Server.
  • Nano Server has been optimized for Hyper-V container and Windows Server Containers.
  • It has cloud-based features.
  • Azure service is also available in windows server 2016 essential.

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