Windows 7 Ultimate

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Windows 7 Ultimate by Microsoft is one of the best operating systems for professionals and domestic users. It is observed as being the most powerful and versatile release on the series of Windows 7. The fact of it being as good as it is being said is that even though its successor Windows 8 has been launched but people are still preferring Windows 7 over any other operating system. The OS is the mixture of Home premium’s entertainment features and specifications of business professionals. It has immense advantages such as built-in security as users can encrypt their data with BitLocker. Another one is the flexibility of language as the OS supports 35 languages from all over the world so people from all over the globe can use and understand the layout and features with the home like ease.

Windows 7 Ultimate can also be considered as doubtlessly best in the series of Windows 7 due to its powerful functions and stability as compared to the other editions and versions. Besides the enhancements in older ones, new features are also incorporated in this version of the operating system very intelligently. The immediate screen of the system is beautifully adorned with new gadgets. The presentation mode of this version along with its efficiency prominently gives a different high-level feeling to the users of domestic and official computers. Windows 7 Ultimate has specialties of improved Media Players, support for programs from older operating systems, Drivers Compatibility, incorporation of Applocker and productivity mode from Windows XP.

Besides these specialties, there are also some technical enhancements in this edition that are quite remarkable for example, users can share and join homegroup sharing and can also switch to multiple languages of their choice. Quick SMB Connections and up to the mark remote desktop host are also additional perks of Windows 7 ultimate. While discussing the specialization of Windows 7 Ultimate, one can not ignore to mention its security features and strong firewall which protects the user’s connections from harmful intrusions and activities. Another specialty that makes Windows 7 ultimate a top-notch operating system is its recovery and Backup. New gadgets for the latest news, time clock and CPU usage are also added.


  • HomeGroup that saves the users from the hectic of sharing printers and files on a network.
  • Jump Lists provides its users with speedy access to their favorite websites, songs, and documents.
  • Snap is a feature that quickly compares and resizes windows on host desktops.
  • Windows Search enables users to find virtually everything on their PCs instantly.
  • Windows Taskbar provides better icons and thumbnail previews along with more ways of windows customization.
  • Full 64-bit support makes a Windows machine a Windows 7 a most powerful 64 bit PC.
  • Windows XP Mode enables the 7 Ultimate to run older Windows XP business software on the desktop that has Windows 7.
  • More Personal redecorates the users' desktop with interesting new themes and useful gadgets.
  • Performance Improvements in Quick sleep, resume, and detection of the USB device and all this in less use of memory space.
  • Aero Desktop experience is a mixture of cool graphics and useful way of desktop management.
  • BitLocker Drive Encryption is added in the version to keep all the documents safer through encryption of data disk drive completely.
  • Windows Defender is the first line of defense against any possible spyware or unwanted
  • Windows Firewall is substantially strong to keep intruders such as malware and hackers
    from getting inside the user’s systems.
  • Language packs provide the ability to switch between 35 languages on display.
  • Ultimate highlights.
  • More secure and stronger Firewall.
  • Enhanced Media Players.
  • Support for the productivity of Windows XP.
  • Advance file management but in a simple way.
  • Automatic and efficient data recovery and backup solutions.
  • A flexible and suitable solution for business and domestic purposes.
  • Multi-touch and Windows Flip3D options.
  • Built-in BitLocker and AppLocker.
  • Remote Media Experience.
Title: Windows 7 Ultimate
Added OnAugust 19, 2019
Updated OnMarch 24, 2020 1:59 am
Version: Ultimate
Category: Windows 7
License Type: Trial
Operating System: Windows 7
Developers:Microsoft Inc.
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