Windows 7 Service Pack 1 SP1

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Windows 7 SP1 is basically a short form for Service Pack 1. It is an update to Windows 7 which holds great significance because it brings along a wide range of stability, performance and security improvements to the Windows operating system. If you are still running Windows 7 on your devices then it is indeed a crucial update for your computer as the operating system is vulnerable for being old and can be easily attacked.

Key enhancements

The changes and enhancements in service pack 1 include notable improvements in reliability mainly in terms of connection to HDMI audio devices, restoration of past folders in Windows Explorer in case of restart and printing through XPS Viewer. Sp1 is the essential requirement for some particulars programs so they can function smoothly. It is compatible with 64 and 32 bit Windows 7 both. Moreover, users need to keep their  Windows 7 operating system completely updated.

Dynamic Memory and RemoteFX,

Among the other tools, there are two new and very useful features that are included in Windows 7 SP 1 with the names of Dynamic Memory and RemoteFX. RemoteFX enhances the virtualization capabilities of the system and enables the users to virtualize GPU on the server-side and generate rich media along with 3D user experience in a virtual environment of the desktop. While Dynamic Memory empowers the users to increase the density of virtual machines without compromising with security or performance.

Stability and security

Windows 7 SP 1 has directed a great focus on stability and security factors. Several vulnerabilities are dealt with an entire operating system is more secure with SP1. The operating system performs in better ways, requires lesser resources and the chances of crashes asleep also rarer. It can be easily concluded that SP1 has made Windows 7 the most stable of all Windows.

Visual changes

The highest level of visual changes can be seen in the taskbar, where the old tool of Quick Launch has been replaced with so users can pin applications to the taskbar. Tabs for the pinned applications are incorporated with task buttons. These tabs also let the users see the Jump Lists so users can easily access common tasks. The redesigned taskbar enables the users to also rearrange the taskbar tabs. A small rectangular tab is located to the right of system clock and functions as Show desktop icon. When users will hover on this tab, all visible windows will become transparent by default so users can have a quick glance at the desktop.

Snap maximizes in Window management:

Windows management in Windows 7 possesses a variety of new features such as Snap maximizes which maximizes a window when user drag it to the screen top. On the other hand, by dragging windows to the right or left sides of the screen, users can snap software windows to the left or right of the screen in a way that the window consumes half screen. When the windows are moved and snapped using the feature of Snap then their previous state is restored automatically by the system. Keyboard shortcuts can also trigger the Snap function. All the inactive windows are hidden by Shake when the title bar of the active window is dragged back and forth rapidly ( this rapid movement gives it the name of Shake).

All in all, Windows 7 has now improved support in terms of globalization due to the Extended Linguistic Services API which provides multilingual support to Windows. And all this is due to the notable updates and features of Windows 7 Service Pack 1. It also adds a wide range of bug fixes along with the refinements to the features that were already there. SP1 for Windows 7 includes not only new content but each and every hotfix released for the Operating system leading to it.

Title: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 SP1
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