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Download Windows 2000 Advanced Server From the name, you can drive a better idea that Windows 2000 Advanced Server is the upgraded advanced version of standard Windows 2000 Server. This operating system covers the usage of both client and server computers. It spreads its maximum service in business and commerce objectives because both these lines require an integrated system demanding high scalability through enhanced symmetric multiprocessing (hardware scaling, or scaling up). This upgrade helps businesses to use multiple different processors on a single server it can also improve the end performance of the business. All these multiple processors are managed at one single time through the Cluster Service. The advantage of introducing the Cluster service is to provide very high levels of application and data availability.

The improved interface makes use of Windows 2000 advance server easy and more stable on the laptop than the previous servers. The Windows File Protection feature makes the protection of important Windows file. Protected files can be check through System File Checker which performs a manual scan of protected files. If needed they repair them, either by restoring from a cache stored in a separate “DLLCACHE” directory, or from the original install media.

Windows 2000 Advance Server has enhanced GUI  elements. It has introduced new layer window technology with different effects for example shadows. The new taskbar supports bubble notification with the advance look of the Internet.

Windows 2000 Advanced Server Free Download Features

  • Support for the Latest Security Standards.
  • Safe Mode Boot.
  • Integrated Directory Services.
  • 8-way Symmetric Multi-Processor Support.
  • Multimedia Platform.
Title: Download Windows 2000 Advanced Server
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Updated OnSeptember 19, 2019 11:47 am
Version: 2000
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Operating System: Windows
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