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Windows XP Professional 32 Bit ISO full trial version Genuine ISO bootable image file sp1, sp2, sp3 for PC. It is a direct single link highly compressed setup of Windows XP ISO Microsoft. Windows XP 32-bit is released on August 24, 2001. One of the most famous operating system in the world at that time. It has millions of active users. Unfortunately, Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP in 2019. But still, some organizations and individuals use this operating system. It is very simple to use and very easy to understand the functionality of it because it has a great user interface that helps people learn Windows XP more quickly. Windows XP is a very lightweight operating system that needs a very low hard disk for installation. It will take almost 5 GB space of your system. Microsoft introduces many features in Windows XP that are not present in the previous versions. It has less crashing as compared to the previous releases.

The Remote Desktop has more stable and rich-featured which helps you to control the client desktop for troubleshooting or fixing any problem and help to provide a better solution. Windows XP is one of the stable releases. If some mishap happened you can recover your system automatically. This feature is very helpful to recover your data. It has great Dynamic Disk support in case your RAM runs out of memory then it will use the hard disk as RAM and store the data. It has faster internet performance as compared to the previous versions. Windows XP can handle Photo, and Printing much better as compared to the previous versions. You are able to hibernate your system.

XP 32-bit will allow you to use game-saving mode on your system. It will treat your CD-RW like a real drive. You can burn your CD, DVD drives and play music directly from your CD drives. It has a Windows Media player with a more attractive user interface and supports more audio, and video files extension as compared to before. You can create the list of your favorite songs and able to play your list anytime. It has the security updated feature that keeps the computer virus-free and protected from harmful attacks. Windows XP has a firewall to protect your system from any kind of attack. It will protect your privacy and ensure you more security on your system. It is more secure as compared to Windows 2000 and has much more feature which you can read on the official website.


  • The interface is much simple, neat and clean so the user can get more ideas quickly.
  • Most of the icons are showing on the desktop and in the start menu.
  • The installation setup consumes much less space so most of the hard disk is used.
  • XP’s new updates make it more quickly and crash-free that builds trust in the users.
  • It will allow Remote Desktop connection with other systems that are online.
  • Automated System Recovery for the operating system is also available that helps to maintain the operating system.
  • Dynamic Disk Support. Faster Internet Performance with a good internet connection.
  • Better Photo Handling and Printing, hibernate/Game Saving Mode.
  • Treats a CD-RW like a real drive, network security firewall with more enhancement.
  • They update the privacy and security, User-friendly Media Player with more functionality.

Title: Windows XP Professional 32 Bit
Added OnMarch 12, 2020
Updated OnMarch 07, 2021 8:03 pm
Version: XP 32 bit
Category: Windows XP
License Type: Free Trial
Operating System: Windows
Developers:Microsoft Inc
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62 thoughts on “Windows XP Professional 32 Bit”

        1. Yes dear. It is an ISO image of Windows XP 32-bit setup. You can burn in your DVD, CD, as well in USB. using rufus or yumi.

  1. search on internet we are not allow to provide product key.. so you can get product key easily from internet.

  2. search on internet we are not allow to provide product key.. so you can get product key easily from internet.

  3. Windows XP Professional SP3 Product Key
    NOTE: This is only the Installation Key not for Windows Genuine Activation (WGA).

    1. No it is not. It is a trial version you can use in your system. it does not create any issue after installation.

      1. not work the problem is

        install the drive and enter and next step formet ntfs and steup copy file not show

          1. You need to format your complete hard disk. and then create partitions again. then install your Windows XP setup in C Drive.

          2. When I modified the Windowxp by usb, the hard disk was fotmet to NTFS but the setup was not copied.

          3. you need to make Windows xp bootable setup after that run setup on your system.
            make partitions and install your Windows XP on your system.
            Currently your software and hardware both are fine. you dont know how to install Windows XP on your system. thats why you are facing some issues.

  4. I have to face many struggle to found windows xp professional. Finally i have founded here. Thank alot dear

  5. Just installed. I can confirm it still works in 2021!

    Excellent download and flawless installation.

    No issues whatsoever! Perfect!

    Would highly recommend this download if you require ISO of Windows XP.

    Windows XP Iso file here!

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