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Visual studio expresses 2015 is the new release of the Microsoft after the previous version of visual studio express 2013. That is well developed and good IDE for developer environment. This new version of visual studio expresses 2015 contains the new features and also enhance the previous functionality. Like Azure, Nugget and many more features that are not present in the previous version. Bill Gates is the owner of the Microsoft organization. The team is continuously working on developing the tools for the developers so that they can easily develop the software, web applications, tools, and others. Microsoft continuously struggles about releasing the new versions, adding more features and fixing the bugs, issues in the previous releases.

This is IDE is lightweight and toolset are not much rich in this edition. This is best for the students, home users, and basic level programmer who want to learn and develop small applications. The IDE supports multiple languages that are visual basic express, C++, C#, Web development, like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular,, etc. Visual Studio Express 2015 has multiple editions that are Express for Desktop, Express for Web, Express for Windows, and the team foundation server express. All these editions are for their own purpose. Express for Desktop is for creating the programs for windows desktop program applications.  The Web is for creating web applications, APIs, and online real-time applications. The Windows edition is for creating the Windows phone mobile applications and those which are in the Windows 10 store etc. The team foundation server express is the management tool that is used to control the team activities and processes.

Visual Studio Express 2015 Features

  • Deliver your team’s code faster.
  • Also, Support multiple languages whichever you like.
  • Test your app.
  • Rich featured and better performance also.
  • Graphical user interface.
  • You can build your app locally and make sure that it works correctly also.
  • Easy to use the tool.
  • If you work on a team, you need to share the latest versions of the code too so everyone on the team is using the same codebase.
    Unit testing also.
  • Also, Advanced debugging.
Title: Download Visual Studio Express 2015
Added OnMarch 27, 2016
Updated OnSeptember 17, 2019 6:52 pm
Version: v2015
Category: Visual Studio
License Type: Free Trial
Operating System: Windows 10, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1
Developers:Microsoft Inc
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