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uTorrent The product is fundamentally an easy medium through which users can share large files on the internet. The uTorrent has gained worldwide popularity for being an efficient and user-friendly software. Due to low-cost distribution, the product is popular with numerous sof5ware publishers while the capability of speedy download and facility of providing access to a huge range of content attracts millions of individual users worldwide download the app.

uTorrent has a plethora of features to take benefits from such as the interface with various skins, easily navigable features and the choice of integrating the favorite RSS feeds from the best torrent site. Users can easily master the art of starting, pausing and canceling the downloads through simple controls. Options of limiting speed can be used so when the system is seeding the completed download, the extent of saturation of your connection does not exceed the point where the download speeds get an adverse effect.

Users can use scheduling to place limits on the speed of uploads and downloads at various times in a day. This feature becomes handy if an ISP has different limits if usage for various peak hours. The downloads also can be scheduled for different times of the day so they can trickle in throughout the day. This will keep the transfer within the monthly limit of the user and will also ensure that the internet connections is enough to be used for other tasks as well. The downloads can run at full speed during the night time when the internet connection of a user is not much needed for other purposes. RSS feature is a perk of the product which allows the users to subscribe to the feeds and enables auto-downloading of new files. Furthermore, priorities can be established among the torrents by limiting the speed and scheduling the bandwidth.

A web-based interface enables the users to control their torrents from any computer that has an internet connection and the completed downloads will be auto-moved to the desired folder. It can be said that uTorrent is a perfect example of ‘select and play’ software, which doesn’t need any pre-learning and perform excellently without any tutorial. uTorrent is an intuitive help and one can operate it proficiently without even using a help option to figure out it is working.

The brand new version of uTorrent was launched in May this year. This latest version includes the option of streaming. This feature enables the users to watch the shared content while another video content is still downloading. It’s a rating facility for users so they can judge if the torrent has enough worth to be downloaded, a mode that is portable so it can be carried on USB and similar devices.

After all these benefits, the thing that attracts people the most is its very small size that is around 3 MB. The small size makes it installation process very fast every time when uTorrent is run every time and that also by using a very tiny amount of system resources. Moreover, the app runs in the background without affecting any of the other ongoing activities on the computer.

Besides the main function of downloading videos, audio files, games and other applications from the Internet, uTorrent also has many other features that are less known with other less known features as well. The options referring to bandwidth can be applied both manually and automatically. uTorrent auto-adjusts bandwidth after assessing your network, so you can still run other applications without any inconvenience. A very handy feature of the new and improved uTorrent enables you to access uTorrent from any place by using uTorrent Remote with key-exchange and ultra-private authentication.

New versions come with the transfer cap settings which is an addition on user’s demand especially those who have ISP-mandated caps limiting them to a certain amount of data that they can use to download and upload per month. Users can now track the MB they are utilizing and that also on a catchy graphical visual. Users can even configure the µTorrent to cease to torrent if they have exceeded the limit. In the current version, users can configure the interval of time, the data cap and the option that whether it should be ceased on the bases of upload, download or both altogether.

All in all, it can be surely said that uTorrent has millions and millions of users around the world due to its fast and smart processing while requiring minimum handling from users .uTorrent is always aligned with the downloading of your most required contents and that also with least impact on other activities of your computer system and on speed of your internet. Let’s take a quick glance at the features if the new uTorrent.


  • Multiple downloads can be done simultaneously.
  • bandwidth scheduler that can be configured according to users’ requirements.
  • Control over limiting the speed according to the situation and requirement.
  • A quick resume of interrupted transfers.
  • Mainline DHT for trackless support.
  • RSS Downloader.
  • Labs icon of BitTorrent on the status bar.
  • Menu of Help items for BitTorrent Labs and bundle.
  • OpenX can be removed by changing the settings if log in.
  • Adds can be refreshed through a Keyboard shortcut.
  • Image is overlaid when the user hovers over “i.
  • PDD is customized.
  • IPv6 support/ Teredo Tunneling.
  • Priorities of exchange.
  • Protocol Encryption.
  • Support is provided to widely used protocol extensions.
  • Apps are available for uTorrent.
  • Latest formats of skinning.
  • The boss key is Password-protected.
  • The global feature of a run-command feature on completion of torrent and state of torrent is changed.
  • Proxy of UDP for SOCKS5.
  • Privacy features FOR proxy.
  • Feature of Impf set download to relocate / location which moves files according to your choices (now moves files for you.
  • Add torrent dialog is displayed for magnet links.
Title: uTorrent
Added OnJune 11, 2019
Updated OnOctober 14, 2019 12:02 pm
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License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 10,8.1,7.
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