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UltraSurf is free of cost, lightweight and useful software which is designed to break censorship of all kinds. It enables the users to dodge the firewalls by providing proxies and employs encryption protocols to keep the identity of the users private and anonymous. Other functions of UltraSurf are to provide security to its users in public or open WIFI, to hide their IP addresses and encrypt the communication. UltraSurf has the capability to access websites that are blocked for general users by the government or other authorities. However, people in countries where there is no censorship of internet users also use UltraSurf to secure their internet activities and privacy.

UltraSurf 19.02 is the latest version of the software with many functions of last versions but also a number of additions and enhancements are done as well in 19.02 to make it a popular and successful edition in the series. UltraSurf has a powerful set of features and tools that are configured automatically once they startup.


After the startup, UltraSurf finds the proxy servers automatically from a wide range of servers that are addressed globally and then it creates a connection through builds an encrypted tunnel.

No installation

UltraSurf 19.02 is one of that rare software that do not need to be installed either from the hard drive or from any other portable storage device such as USB, memory card or computer disk. Also, it doesn’t leave any type of registry once it is shut down. 19.02 can be run directly from Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer which are its supported browsers.


UltraSurf 19.02 is excellent at keeping the online life of its users private just like its previous versions. It enables users to conduct anonymous browsing and surfing. UltraSurf also hides the IP address and clears the browsing history completely with cookies and all so no one can retrace the steps of its users on the web to spy and intrude.

Utmost security

UltraSurf is gaining popularity for providing complete freedom to access everything on the internet but the app does it by keeping the security standard on the top priority. It used industry level and a highly strong end to end encryption to secure the data that is being transferred and uploaded from the computer of the user so no one else can see and access the private data.

Compatibility with browsers

The application, however, is particularly designed to work in utmost compatibility with most popular browsers including Internet Explorer and Chrome but it does not get integrated with the browsers as their extension and the corresponding function of the browsers are used to make sure that most anonymous and stealthy surfing and browsing is being done on the browsers. For example, surfing and browsing on the internet through Chrome is done as in a window that is Incognito.

Auto-detection via manual proxy configuration

The panel with the number of options is there within the app that enables the users to configure parameters of various applications. Thus, users can enable the hotkey commands, can disable proxy and delete the history and cookies of the web pages they have visited while they are exiting the World Wide Web. They can also define a local listening port. Moreover, if a user does not want to depend on the proxy configuration if UltraSurf, he or she can select auto-detection or the option of manual configuration by inputting the host and port.

In conclusion

Due to its efficiency, UltraSurf 19.02 is jow considered among the most popular pro-privacy and anticensorship software of the world. Millions of users are bypassing internet censorship and protecting their privacy on the World Wide Web through this software. All in all, it is a great recommendation for people who want to stay safe and anonymous on the internet.

Title: Ultrasurf 19.02 Free Download
Added OnDecember 10, 2019
Updated OnDecember 10, 2019 7:10 pm
Version: 19.02
Category: Software
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows
Developers:Ultrasurf inc
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