TextMate 2.0

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TextMate is there to help you out for writing your code. This app makes coding much easier on your Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating System. It has great features with come preloaded. Few are Syntax highlighting, Multiple Tabs, and Search and Replace are some of the salient features of this app. If you missed closing bracket during code writing, that happens most of the time you are coding; it completes it automatically for you. So the next time you write a program, there is much less of a chance that it will have some errors. It has a Dynamic Outline for Working With Multiple Files. You can expand Trigger Words to Code Blocks With Tab-able Placeholders. Foldable Code Blocks which helps you to expand or hide the written code.

It has a function Pop-up for Quick Overview and Navigation. You can run shell commands from within a document. It will support Darcs, Perforce, SVK, and Subversion as well as more than 50 Languages. You can Switch Between Files in Projects With a Minimum of Key Strokes. You can work together with Xcode and can build Xcode projects. It has visual bookmarks to jump between places in a file and Syntax Highlight Colors. TextMate as well works as an external editor for (s)FTP Programs. TextMate brings Apple’s approach to operating systems into the world of text editors. By bridging UNIX underpinnings and GUI, TextMate cherry-picks the best of both worlds to the benefit of expert scripters and novice users alike.


  • You can Search and Replace in a Project.
  • Auto-Indent for Common Actions Like Pasting Text.
  • Auto-Pairing of Brackets and Other Characters.
  • Clipboard History.
  • Selections of the column and their Typing.
  • Completion of Words from Current Document.
  • CSS-like Selectors to Pinpoint the Scope of Actions and Settings.
  • Declarative Language Grammars for Graceful Mixing and Hacking.
  • Dynamic Outline for Working With Multiple Files.
  • Expand Trigger Words to Code Blocks With Tab-able Placeholders.
  • File Tabs when Working With Projects.
  • Foldable Code Blocks.
  • Function Pop-up for Quick Overview and Navigation.
  • Plug-able Through Your Favorite Scripting Language.
  • Recordable Macros With No Programming Required.
  • Regular Expression Search and Replace (grep).
  • Run Shell Commands from Within a Document.
  • Support for Darcs, Perforce, SVK, and Subversion.
  • Support for More Than 50 Languages.
  • Switch Between Files in Projects With a Minimum of Key Strokes.
  • Theme Syntax Highlight Colors.
  • Visual Bookmarks to Jump Between Places in a File.
  • Works As External Editor for (s)FTP Programs.
  • It will Works Together With Xcode and Can Build Xcode Projects.
Title: TextMate 2.0
Added OnAugust 23, 2017
Updated OnMarch 25, 2020 10:57 pm
Version: 2.0
Category: Text Editor
License Type: Trial
Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 7
Developers:Macromates Inc.
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