Snagit 2020.1.3

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Snagit 2020.1.3 is a premium software with which you can capture and record your real-time screen on Mac and Windows devices. The app also helps you to combine the traditional screenshots, edited images, and videos and enables you to share the important information in the most convenient, efficient, and noteworthy way. 2020.1.3 is the latest in line of Snagit app.


The features of Snagit that help you in capturing and recording host screens are although every powerful but that doesn’t make the app a difficult one to understand and control. You can customize anything that you have captured even their pixels.

Variety in capture

Snagit captures your screen in a variety of ways. It captures the whole desktop screen, a part of the screen, a separate window, a webpage or apps, and that also only with a hotkey or click.

Sharing made easy

Telling verbally is not as effective as when you show and tell something to someone. Snagit makes this show and tell task more comprehensive and clear as its powerful editor turns an ordinary screenshot into a clear and concise source of communication. One can also add explanatory or any other comment on the screenshots by using text boxes. Other shapes and arrows can also be added to point towards specific areas. Moreover, key areas can be highlighted for more prominence.

Recording video

This feature enables the person on receiving end to hear your voice in actual instead of seeing the texted comment. So if you receive a webpage, document, or PDF to give your feedback, you can attach your recorded video as a detailed comment which obviously will be more effective for all parties. And no waiting with Snagit as it will take mere seconds to record the video and share it with whoever you want.

Speed matters

Its a wonder for users that how with Snagit they can respond to their friends and colleague so quickly. You can reply with your comment or feedback in seconds as you don’t have to write texts. Quick videos and images can speak better than texts and it will also save time which is consumed in the back and forth as written emails.

Save key information

With Snagit, you can save the pieces of online articles, documents, and web pages just like you save the cut-outs from a hard copy of newspapers and magazines. But as the era is virtual, Snagit lets you do this virtually. Once the piece is captured and saved, you can highlight points and take notes on that capture. They can be organized according to the keyword and this way you will be able to share out crucial info with more speed, style, and efficiency.

Scrolling capture

Snagit is a magic tool with which you can capture a full-page shot of your screen very quickly and that also when even it is not displayed on the screen. Just grab the vertical, horizontal, or entire scrolling area with a single click.

Animated GIF

Snagit turns the recording of screenshots into an animated GIF. This helps you in times where you quickly want to show the workflow and tasks in a presentation.

Panoramic capture

No need for manual editing with Snagit. If you are using this amazing app, then you can capture horizontal scrolls, wide screens,   continuously scrolling webpages, along with everything in between. All these things can be captured at once so you don’t have to do any editing in order to join the pieces together.

2020.1.3 additions and enhancements

Various additions and enhancements are done in this version. The media files ow can be shared with TechEmith Knowmia. Updating the app is also smoother and easier in 2020.1.3. Version. Apart from these, various bug fixes are done to this version in order to provide a high-quality experience to the users.

In short, online communication is a type of distant communication and visuals are vital to such communication. Videos and images work a hundred times better than texts as they more clearly, effectively and speedily convey your point to the other end. This alone makes Snagit a very valuable tool where you can save time in communicating and explaining your point across the channel and can use the saved time in getting more work done.

Title: Snagit 2020.1.3
Added OnAugust 16, 2020
Updated OnAugust 16, 2020 11:18 am
Version: 2020.1.3
Category: Utilities
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7
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