Notepad++ 7.9.2 2020

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Notepad++ 2020 is an open-source i-e completely free programming app for Windows-based platforms. It helps in creating source code that is used in publishing and developing software, websites, and web pages. It is basically designed to replace Windows Notepad. All in all, Notepad++ 2020 and updates for Windows is the best available editor for JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and CSS along with various other programming languages.  This tool is an open-source text editor for Windows platforms.

Notepad++ 7.9.2 2020 – Review

Notepad comes by default with every Microsoft Windows OS. However, the default Notepad does not sport that many features.  For instance, Writing HTML code does not mean which text and which HTML code. So in September 2003, Don Ho developed Notepad ++. Since then  Notepad ++ is constantly going through evolution and enhancement in each of its updates. The 2020 version is laced with various enhanced and added features. Some of the usefulness of the app is mentioned in the article. You can download the latest version from the official website. The alternative to notepadd++ is sublime text 3.

Notepad++ 7.9.2 2020 – Features

The simple tabbed interface

The main user interface is based on tabs and can be used in com inaction with multiple instances of Notepad ++ 2020.

Enhanced coding tools

The coding tools of Notepad ++ 2020 are enhanced in est possible way and are ideal to edit code written in Java, C++, HTML, etc. The basic written coding is done in C++. The programming also utilizes severe STL and pure Win32 API which ensures a higher speed of execution to get a smaller program size for continuation.

Creates HTML Code For Website

Users who want this developer tool for web development and they prefer to use HTML language for this kind of coding. They can Use Don Ho’s off-source coding program and write HTML code quickly and easily.

Creates CSS Code For Website

Notepad ++ 2020 is simplified CSS coding as well. If users are working on web development or design, then this program is most suitable for them.

Eco friendly

There is hardly any software in the market that is designed on the guidelines of sustainability goals. But Notepad ++ 2020 is designed in a way that it tries to decrease the level of carbon dioxide release. It does this by consuming less power of CPU. The host computer is capable of adjusting down as well as decreasing power ingesting, causing olive green surroundings.

Free of Cost

The Notepad++ 2020 is freeware like its predecessors. It does not pose limits for being free and presents itself as free software for all developers out there. It is one of the very few tools that fall under the category of Developer and Text Editor both and can be downloaded free of cost.  Notepad ++ 2020 is an app replacement that supports several languages. It runs in an MS Windows environment. The use of this software is authorized with GPL Licence.


The feature of automatic completion in terms of Word and function along with Function parameters hint makes it very easy and time-saving for users to complete their coding and text editing on Notepad ++ 2020.

Extensive support

Notepad++ 2020 provides support to multiple functions such as bookmark, syntax folding and highlighting, and many more functions that a developer and text editor may require in a free program.

Record and replay

There is a very beneficial and another time and effort-saving feature in Notepad ++ 2020. This feature records the process and replay when needed. This way users do not have to write a code again and again if it is needed in some other place as well.

Light and small

Notepad ++ 2020 is created based on a great editing element named Scintilla. Notepad++ is based on C++ and runs clean practices clean. The Win32 API plus STL confirms and ensures great performance and that also with maximum speed and small program size.

Notepad++ 7.9.2 2020 – Technical Details

Title: Notepad++ 7.9.2 2020
Added OnFebruary 16, 2021
Updated OnJuly 21, 2021 12:40 am
Version: 7.9.1
Category: Utilities
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows 10, 7, XP, 8, 8.1
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