Microsoft Visual Studio 2017

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Visual Studio 2017 improved productivity improves productivity for every type application and for everything from code navigation to code quality. Visual Studio 2018 also improved in mobile and cloud development. In order to help in maintaining a readable code base, Visual Studio 2017 added more quick actions and refactoring like move type in order to match files. Visual Studio 2017 was also made navigate tool that is much more powerful with better filtering and preview. It also added IntelliSense filtering. IntelliSense is much smarter about which element it selects by default. Navigation is greatly improved. Now it brought together all the navigation items together under the edit menu. Navigation tool greatly improved. As when you start typing Visual Studio will open the things I am finding in temporary files in a document view and when I find the one I want, all I have to do to hit enter to open the file.

Visual Studio also improved debugging. If you are going to set a breakpoint and hit F5 and when you hit that breakpoint, you are going to be able to navigate to lower lines of code in the application without setting a temporary breakpoint. Visual Studio 2017 also gives you the option to make the editor come alive with early warnings when things are not going right. Now you can take advantage of live code analysis e.g. runs your analysis rules and flags issues in the editor. So, you can quickly identify the errors, best practices and style rules or apply one of many refactoring, code actions and code fixes. One of the hardest challenges in mobile development is testing. Both generating the tests and running those tests against a large enough set of real devices that you have the confidence the app will be right for most of your customers. Visual Studio 2017 mobile test recorder makes it easy to generate test scripts by running the app and recording the actions that you want to test.

You can run UI test locally or once you have completed creating tests you can export them and upload them to the Xamarin test cloud in one click. In Xamarin test cloud you can run your tests on thousands of real devices in the cloud. Visual Studio 2017 makes it easy to use your existing skills with C-Sharp, JavaScript and C++ to productivity build mobile applications for Android, IOS and Windows devices. For C-Sharp developers, Visual Studio used Xamarin technology to create fully native apps that have native UI, uses native device capabilities and have a native performance with up to 80% code sharing. Cordova developers will also be able to take advantage of a browser-based simulator that includes support for Cordova plugins. With a single gesture in Visual Studio 2017, you can take.Net Core application targeted to Linux, packaged into docker container and them publish it to a docker registry and run it in the cloud.


We mentioned all the latest new features of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 ISO below.

  • One of the notable advancement in Visual Studio 2017 is the support of.Net Core.
  • New feature added to debugging called as ‘run to click’. Now you no longer need to set temporary breakpoints.
  • Visual Studio 2017 also improved DevOps workflows.
  • Live unit testing helps you quickly see whether the code you writing is covered and if the tests that cover it are passing without leaving the editor.
  • Now In Visual Studio, 2017 C++ developers can build native libraries.
  • JavaScript developers now can use Cordova and ionic to build apps that share all their code.
  • It also greatly improves the speed and reliability of editing, building and debugging mobile applications.
  • Visual Studio 2017 now creates many useful features for mobile developers.
  • Live architecture validation provides real-time notifications of architectural rules violations.
  • IntelliSense is much smarter about picking the most likely property instead of the top property in the list; in this case, it knows I want padding property.
  • Live unit testing brings coverage information discretely into the editor.
  • In Visual Studio 2017 testing is an important part of creating and maintaining quality code.
  • Visual Studio also fixed finds all references. The Window here now has color, better grouping etc.
  • In Visual Studio hugely improved IntelliSense adding filters i.e. to take long lists and make them much more navigate-able.
Title: Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
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