MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2

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Apple releases the latest awesome Mac operating system named MacOS High Sierra. All you need to know about MacOS High Sierra. It is compatible with models i.e. iMac models, MacBook models, MacBook Pro models, Mac Mini models and MacBook Air models released in 2009 or later. You can update your MacOS using Mac App Store.

If you are hoping for the design refresh of MacOS you will be sadly a disappointment. I may increase your knowledge that MacOS High Sierra is more of a refinement and upgrade rather than all new OS. You may have to know that High Sierra is now using Apple’s file system instead of HFS. It means that moving for searching for files will be faster, more stable than ever. It is compatible with 64-bit architecture. AFS+ is also more secure. Now MacOS High Sierra has built-in encryption, crash safe protections and simplified data backups. Built-in Mac browser Safari has also seen an upgrade with new JavaScript performance features. Apple also claims that Safari is 80% faster than Google Chrome. Along with speeds Apple also looking towards security features.

Once you visited for the online store or website. After visiting annoying repetitive ads start following you that not to say it’s blocking all ads, only the ones that track you around the web. Safari will identify the targeted ad trackers through machine learning as well as being able to block auto-playing videos. This new MacOS High Sierra also giving its own Mail App. Photos are also getting an update with the new sidebar filters and tools.

Using iCloud Drive now you have the advantage to share your files i.e. pictures, videos etc. to your friends or colleagues. Spotlight can now lookup flight times, maps etc. Facetime now allows you to take photos during calls. There also new family storage plans in iCloud. Finally, messages are now saved in the Cloud it should help to reduce file storage on your Mac and keep all of the messages up-to-date across all of your Apple devices.

If you have used Note app in previous releases, then you may have been happy about Note App because it now comes with two new features. First one is that now you can keep important notes at the top of the list that you have in need mostly. And secondly, now you have support for tables in notes. You can have the opportunity to share your notes. MacOS High Sierra added a new amazing Lock option. It is the now quiet way to lock your Mac of you is going away from your Mac for few minutes for certain purpose. So it may increase your knowledge that you have a new opportunity to set your default built-in Safari browser into reader mode. On reader-mode Safari only shows article and neglect videos and images etc.


  • Apple’s graphics technology works with the GPU to improve graphics performance.
  • Using updated photo albums, it will be easier than ever to organize photos and videos.
  • Live photo animations are also available in IOS 11 i.e. loop and bounce now on Mac OS.
  • Also, provide external GPU’s and virtual reality improvements.
  • Apple introduces a new codec now we’ll make streaming of your 4K videos better as before.
  • Now you ask Siri to do some music for you and also gets the new and more human-like voices.
  • The new technologies make your Mac Book reliable, capable and responsible.
  • It uses the HFS+ file system. This file system should keep our documents and directories running more stable, smooth and quick.
  • When it comes to editing, this operating system should provide huge editing features.
  • High Sierra comes with the support of outstanding graphics and VR.
  • Now built-in Mac Sierra browser Safari is been more upgraded and provides more security and protection against malicious attacks.
  • In High Sierra like IOS 11 you can now save and play GIF’s more smoothly and an amazing way in Photos App of Mac.
  • Now you have the opportunity to publish your websites, blogs or even books using third-party companies i.e. Shutter fly and WIX.
  • Now you can set your Safari browser to reader mode.
  • Memories categories are been more upgraded. Now you can create your memories as for your anniversaries, birthdays etc.
  • In Notes App now you can create Tables.
  • The spotlight is worked as like Cortina in Windows 10. It now provides information about your flight status and keeps track.
  • High Sierra also improved desktop features i.e. new wallpapers etc.
  • In High Sierra using Notes App now, you can pin a note that you used mostly.
  • Siri is been more updated and has the more natural human-like voice.
  • In MacOS High Sierra Siri is now having amazing voice handling. It now handles music requests more easily.
  • Mac High Sierra also improved family photo sharing opportunities.
  • In the latest release of Mac new font is been included named as San Franciso Arabic.
  • Mac High Sierra using high-efficiency video encoding (HEVC). It provides you better video quality as before.
Title: MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2
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Updated OnMarch 20, 2020 1:46 pm
Version: 10.13.2
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