Kaspersky AntiVirus 2019

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Kaspersky is not a low key antivirus software but it is a powerful security tool that protects the host computer against even the latest type of threats, viruses, malware, and ransomware. Kaspersky provides rock-solid security from all these attacks and that also without having any negative impact on the regular performance of the computer. The developers of this cutting edge security software have done a great job of releasing the antivirus and web security tools of Kaspersky in a wide enough range so it is available for as vast an array of the audience as possible.

The technologies in Lab’s security of Kaspersky antivirus is known for their smooth and effective dealing with all kinds of alien threats that a computer can face. Several testing has been done to prove that it’s cloud-based system detect most recent threats and deal with it at its earliest. Kaspersky antivirus works with high-level innovation against the virtual threats that are rapidly being adorned by increasing advancement and complexity in terms of their nature and technology.

The pros

  • Kaspersky behind the scene: Kaspersky Lab has designed the anti-malware protection that is the smooth blend of security and efficiency and works behind the scene in a way that computer doesn’t show even a bit that a high profile anti-virus system is running at the back to provide real-time and instant safeguard to it.
  • Speedy detection for instant solution: Several tests have been done to prove that the cloud-based system of Kaspersky detects the most recent threats with real-time updates and lightning speed.
  • Privacy protection: A user is always feeling a lack of ease and unprotected while he or she is an online shopping spree. Kaspersky antivirus enables the users to enjoy their shopping trip without any fear of theft as Kaspersky doesn’t only provide protection against malware and viruses but it also protects your privacy when you are socializing, banking, surfing or making purchase transactions on
    World Wide Web.
  • Enables safe surfing: Kaspersky block infected files while you are surfing, browsing or downloading on the internet, without any awareness of the potential threats. Kaspersky has the ability to block the harmful contents to enter your computer without disturbing your surfing, browsing and downloading.
  • Kids friendly systems: Extra feature of parental control to protect kids from unwanted and harmful exposures of the internet.
  • Protects your passwords: Kaspersky manages and keep the passwords in its record and synchronize with host systems.
  • Data and information protection: Kaspersky keeps your photos, files and other information present in your computer safe so they can neither be corrupted by malicious attacks nor hey can be stolen.

Ratings: The highly impressive engine of Kaspersky has earned notable praise from laboratories of independent testing. Similarly, the iOS and Android tools of Kaspersky have also been rewarded with very high ratings within the community of virtual and mobile antiviruses. The online banking tool of Kaspersky is rewarded with an honorary rating after Browser Security Test MRG Effitas and is declared as an antivirus software that is proven to be expert at eliminating the most recent, complicated and stubborn forms of viruses, malware and other harmful threats that can harm your data, privacy, and system.

Required systems and specs to host Kaspersky antivirus

  • Internet connection to activate the product and to access some special features of Kaspersky
  • The memory of 1500 MB is needed as free space on the hard drive to make room for Kaspersky. Furthermore, 1 GB or 2 GB RAM is also required to install Kaspersky
  • Microsoft tools such as Internet Explorer® 10, NET Framework 4, Windows 101 Pro/ Home /
    Enterprise, Windows 7 Starter. These are the minimum requirement. Kaspersky can work on these and higher.
  • Tablets with Windows and Intel processors can support the product.
  • Screen resolution of a minimum 1024×600 is required for Kaspersky antivirus.
  • Beta versions or previews of any operating system cannot support Kaspersky so download it only when you have a final officially released operating system in your device.
Title: Kaspersky AntiVirus 2019
Added OnMay 10, 2019
Updated OnOctober 16, 2019 4:46 am
Version: 2019
Category: Antivirus
License Type: Trial
Operating System: Windows 10,8.1,7
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