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Free VPN for Windows refers to a streamlined and powerful VPN Proxy app that comes along worn an online security service. This app empowers you to easily reach even those websites that are blocked by the authorities of that region. Moreover, the app ensures a secure internet connection so your online activities cannot be monitored by ISP monitoring. It also saves the online connection from identity tracking and connection spoofing. The app simply makes it invisible during your online activities.

Free VPN – Review

All in all, Free VPN is one of the best VPN apps that provide complete security, easy access to restricted sites, and privacy to online users for online users. You may like to visit Download ProtonVPN.

Free VPN – Features

Specific utilities

It simply makes you invisible on the World Wide Web. The technology of this particular VPN app spoofs websites and ISPs regarding your origin on the internet and your location. This way you can bypass all types of restrictions effortlessly whether it is placed by the governments, websites, ISPs, or online services. Moreover, with Free VPN, you can conveniently access international versions of various websites, government blocks, circumvent, and much more.

Servers across the world

Currently, Free VPN provides streamlined access to its users to use servers that are based in the UK, US, France, Japan, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, and the Netherlands. Meanwhile, developers of Free VPN are constantly working on further expansion of its servers’ locations.

Free for all

Free VPN provides free, unlimited, and ad-free access to its VPN app service. However, users can gain more excellent browsing experience, extremely fast and smooth flow of VPN data transfer, very high download speed, effortless downloading of large and heavy files, and flawless torrenting all I’m exchange of a reasonable amount for the app. In order to achieve all this, Free VPN provides an Optional Premium service that users can acquire in a reasonable amount to enjoy unlimited download speeds of unlocked items, complete access to widespread dedicated servers, maximum server locations, empowerment to select a server manually, IP selection, and all-time support from developers.

No ads

This is one of the biggest advantages of Free VPN than it doesn’t clutter and obstruct your browsing experience with unwanted ads and you can complete your one activity without and distraction and delay.

Easy installation and usage

Although, it’s a very powerful tool for your online activity it takes only a few clicks to install and activate this advanced app. There are no bandwidth, registrations, log sharing, or caps. The user interface is equally simple and consists of only a tab that activates your VPN settings.

Browser integrated

Free VPN can be easily accessed through browsers as well such as through Firefox and Google Chrome. This is done via extensions.

Auto VPN routing

The app has a technology that automatically detects your location and then connects you to the server that is located at your nearest.

No-logging policy

In order to keep your identity in several folds, the app is designed in a way that it doesn’t write any log or share any of your online activity with anyone. This not only secures your identity but also provides immense privacy in terms of browsing history.

Complete data encryption

The security is enhanced as all the data that is transferred via Free VPN servers is 100% encrypted with very advanced security protocols.

Complete ownership

Free VPN is capable of providing a reliable, stable, smooth, and fast connection to its users because the developers own all the software and hardware with which the app works with.

Hides identity

The app does everything that is technologically possible to make you untraceable, invisible, and discreet on the World Wide Web. It also changes your IP address and hides your actual locations to give you ultimate anonymity and privacy and the internet.

Streaming Channels

The app enables you to access streaming videos and a variety of other music and video channels from any place when you are traveling.

Free VPN – Technical Details

Title: Free VPN
Added OnJanuary 14, 2022
Updated OnJanuary 14, 2022 1:32 pm
Version: 1.17.1
Category: Utilities
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1, Vista, and XP
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