ERASER 6.2 Secure Data Eraser

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ERASER 6.2 Secure Data Eraser is an opensource software application for data eraser. There was a time when deleting a file from the computer system was not much difficult and once deleted there was not much chance of someone discovering it. But the virtual paradigm has shifted and this shift or elevation has brought hundreds of counteracting apps for every action. Similarly, there are many apps that are introduced in the market as a recovery tool that has made it very difficult to be sure that the data is out of prying hands once and forever. Developers of Eraser has provided the users with a solution for such a problem. Eraser is an app that guarantees it that it will delete your data once and for all from the system as it is designed with the sole goal of permanently deleting the files and folders or any kind of data that you want to remove from your system without any chance of it to be ever recovered again.

Eraser wipes any data from the hard drive of a Window PC. The software completely erases the sensitive data and overwrite it several times with a specific pattern which is an out of a box method to provide deleting services to the users. Eraser not only deletes the files and folders but also permanently deletes their counterparts which were deleted previously. It functions with a very customizable scheduler. People may think that what possibly could be the use of such high profile wiper or eraser when there are so many privacy apps and tools available in the virtual market. The answer lies in the many situations where this app can be more useful than a privacy app. For example, when a person is selling out his or her computer system or throwing away the hard drive.

It is most likely that the sensitive documents, images or videos might go to the wrong hands. People mostly think that by pressing the delete button, the data will be deleted but in truth anyone can recover this precious data from somewhere on the hard drive because when a data is deleted, the system doesn’t delete it permanently but the operating system of PC or laptops only deletes the file referenced from the file system table. In actual the file stays on the hard disk until a second file is created on it. Sometimes, even then the file can be recovered particularly with a powerful recovery tool that can study the magnetic fields on the surface of the disk platter. In this situation, it is Eraser that works best so you can delete all your personal information, pictures and files forever because it overwrites on the deleted file several times in a unique pattern.

The user interface of the program is very straightforward. There are also some options available so you can decide whether to run the erasing task immediately, manually, at the time of restart or recurring. The most important part for users to know is the method with which eraser complete its task of deleting the data. There are 13 powerful tools with their individual way to perform the removal task. All you have to do is to select the tool which you think is most appropriate for the data you want to remove.

Eraser, however, takes some time to delete the data but it’s by no mean an is a drawback because the time taken is invested to make sure that the data is permanently deleted and nothing would be able to recover it. To sum it up, it can be said that Eraser, by all means, is the best tool with powerful tools to make sure that the files, folders and any other data that you want to delete from your PC are removed once and for all.

Title: ERASER 6.2 Secure Data Eraser
Added OnJuly 26, 2019
Updated OnSeptember 15, 2019 11:57 pm
Version: 6.2
Category: Utilities
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 7,8.1,10
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