EaseUS Partition Master 13.8

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EaseUS partition home edition in an all in one solution for disk management. It performs free of cost disk management by enabling the users to extend partition, easily manage the disk space, resolve problems regarding the low disk space. It also helps the users to create, clone, resize, move, format and merge partitions. The major characteristics of the EaseUS Partition Master home edition are listed below for the readers to grasp a better idea about this freeware.

The 3 main features

With its 3 main features namely Partition Recovery Wizard and Disk, Partition Manager and Partition Copy, the freeware solves all partition related problems.

  1. Partition Manager Solution

This feature provides the best possible solution to create, move, resize, merge, wipe, split, format and delete the partitions to improve the utilization of hard disk space.

  1. Disk/Partition Copy Solution

This feature enables the users to upgrade, migrate and copy the basic disk partition easily. It performs the same for dynamic volume or GPT ( GUID partition table) to protect the data without reinstalling the Windows.

  1. Partition Recovery Solution

This feature is designed particularly to recover the lost and deleted partition on an in allocated space and also recover the partition that is lost during repositioning of the hard drive.

Merge partitions

EaseUS effectively solve the issues created by low disk space by merging the smaller partitions into one large partition.

Check the partitions

The freeware investigates the properties of partition to gauge whether there is some disk error or any other issue on the selected partitions.

Wipe Partition

EaseUS completes the cleaning process by thoroughly clearing the useless data from the selected partition to keep the system uncluttered and also deletes the traces of the sensitive data to safeguard the privacy of users.

Changes Partition Label

It improves the organization of data by changing the label of partition or drives letter.

SSD 4K Alignment

EaseUS aligns the partitions appropriately to maximize the performance of the host computer.

Disk/Partition Conversion

The software converts primary partition to a logical al partition and vice versa. It also converts GPT disk to MBR and vice versa and FAT to NTFS

Appealing and simple interface

The users experience an all-inclusive yet uncluttered environment on a simple but appealing interface. All functions demonstrate what they are made for. A defragmentation option is provided to users so they can keep their files and folders in one contiguous place.

Restores files

EaseUS home edition restores lost and deleted files very quickly and easily. Users can easily search for the deleted or lost partition within an unallocated space of the hard drive. Once they are found, users can easily restore them through Disk Clone Wizard.

Easily manages

EaseUS makes it very convenient for users to numerically and graphically manage their partitions without even rebooting their computers while resizing the NTFS partitions.

Copies effectively

It easily and effectively copies the partitions from one to another drive. Even if users have acquired bigger hard disks then EaseUS helps them in transferring all the data from their current disk to the bigger one and they can even boot from that disk. For more precision in the course of action, the current partitions of users can be also copied to the new bigger disk through Partition Copy Wizard. The hard disk size that is supported by the software is up to 2TB and the number of disks that are supported is 32.

All in all, when users are looking for the most suitable way towards partition management then EaseUS is the best choice which will prove to be the ingenious, comprehensive and sleek solution for the issues associated with disk space. In nutshell, it’s a complete software free of cost which will be great for your ease of mind particularly when you will browse through its rich features and will realize its utter suitability for your system.

Title: EaseUS Partition Master 13.8
Added OnJanuary 9, 2020
Updated OnJanuary 13, 2020 12:57 am
Version: 13.8
Category: Software
License Type: Free Trial
Operating System: Windows 10, 7, 8.1
Developers:EaseUS Inc
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