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98 thoughts on “Downloading…”

        1. Please share post link, or name here so we can upload password free file for you. Help us in improving our user experience. Thanks

      1. Hi Zaira
        Can you please tell me if they replied with what you requested as I have just downloaded thr same file and putting it on a USB stick and making it a bootable OS to hopefully use on my laptop.
        Thanking you in anticipation of your assistance and look forward in hearing from you soon.
        Yours Sincerely
        Tony Collingham-Johnson

  1. Can I switch back to Win. 10 after this? Is it a whole OS, or just a free VM?

  2. Thanks so much for providing this setup. My license key from way back when worked. I’m good to go on a new computer.

  3. I was downloaded office from here but after sometimes my laptop battery was down then I paused download process . after charging my laptop I open it but why I don’t know it start? please help me.

  4. okay…so my question is the following….
    is this illustrator cc 2017 available or not for free?
    if not…need an idea of a free version where i can make changes to files that end in .ai for windows 10
    if yes… does this program require a password…and if it does what is it?
    i’m a small business owner and don’t have the capital to invest in a big expensive program to make labels etc on
    any advice for what i can use would be great

  5. hi, my name is Evaristo, I loaded Windows_XP-Professional_SP3_Jan_2019 file, cloud you tell me the password /active key??+
    will appreciate your answer!

  6. After 2 Hours Of Searching, I Find Working Adobe Audition 😀 ! Can You (Admin) Add Audition CC 2014 Please? I can’t find it 🙁

  7. Wonderful, just what I was looking for. This is amazing, and the Windows XP operating system has interested me a lot. I have an XP computer at home, and I would get a Windows XP ISO to install in a virtual machine so I can use and play with XP on my laptop… thank you so much! 🙂

  8. Please, send me the product number for Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise.
    I want to run VB6 in XP mode in a virtal box.

  9. Dear Team Member of ONESOFTWARES.NET, Your service is great for the Researchers and we are sharing our heartful thanks to one and all who are the part of this massive team…

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