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UC Browser is the network application. It is developed by Alibaba Group. It is lightweight and fast performing web browser. Also, it is freeware under a general public license. It is available for Android, iPhone, PC Browser, Windows Phone, Java, Pad Download and iPad. The first version was released on 2004 April. The latest version release of UC Browser 6.0.1 for Windows, 11.4.2 for Android, and mini version 10.7.9 available for the users to use. It is also available in different languages that are English, Hindi, Telugu, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Arabic, Bangla, Tamil, Russian, Indonesian, Spanish and French. So you can download the browser in your own native language and use it. The interface is quite simple and easy to understand. It prevents the popups, has the three times the faster speed in downloading. It is mostly used in India as it has more functionality.

It also provides the lite version of pages, mobile pages, and the full desktop mode. Adblocker is already implemented in this browser, as people are tired of this thing. It has customization in settings. You can set different settings. In the mobile version, you can take the screenshot and then can edit the image easily. it has the fonts and layout option which can be easily viewable. You can set the proxy setting in the setting menu. It has the html5 web app and sync features. It also makes history, sessions, and cookies. You can view the download manager that is more interactive, having a list of downloads.

UC Browser Features

We mentioned all the latest new features of UC Browser Free Download below.

  • It has the download manager.
  • Save the history, cookies, and other data.
  • You can open the last closed tabs.
  • It is available on multiple operating systems.
  • Like Android, iOS, Windows, iPad, etc.
  • Also, It has the adblocker already installed in it.
  • You can set the proxy setting easily.
  • It has the Gestures that have to specify a pattern on mobiles for doing some specific action.
  • You can set the lite mode of the browser, so the browser will not load the images pictures.
  • Also, can add the add-ons easily that provide more features in the browser.
Title: Download UC Browser 7.0.1 Free
Added OnAugust 29, 2015
Updated OnSeptember 09, 2019 12:34 am
Version: 7.0.1
Category: Web Browsers
License Type: freeware
Operating System: Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1, windows xp, and Vista
Developers:UCBrowser Inc
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