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Title: Download Tor Browser
Added OnFebruary 20, 2019
Updated OnDecember 18, 2019 9:24 am
Version: 9.0.2
Category: Web Browsers
License Type: Freeware
Operating System: Windows 10,8.1,7
Developers:Torproject Inc.
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Tor is also known as the Onion routing browser. The TOR browser is a web browser designed for anonymous web usage and hide against traffic analysis. Although Tor is often known asthe darknet and it is used for offten criminal activity. Tor stands for The onion root. Install the tor browser by following the simple steps. There is a simple configuration setting after installation you can set that. If you are using the proxy network you can set the proxy. It is mostly used for making your self-anonymous. Like to keep the secret of your IP address, location, browser, and operating system. This browser is normally used by hackers that like to keep them safe and secret. There are also some rules and regulations or instructions that help the user to keep the identity safe and secure. Some of the rules are as follows; The tor browser only protects the identity while the traffic runs through tor. The torrent will not be secure in this, it also warns to not use any plugin in the browser. It prefers to use the https version of a website. Also, you do not need to open the document files from the internet in tor, and not use the bridge to find some data etc. All of the detail description about the rules to keep safe are mentioned on the official website or Tor browser.

You can search for something in tor then view the IP in the browser options of tor. It is an open source internet browser application. So this is developed by the community. A lot of community use the tor browser, like private companies, individual users, students, or family members to keep self a safe from. In some countries, the tor website is blocked, censored. So you people can download the Tor Browser from here. The Tor has also put the mirror on the GitHub where you can also get the files of tor. If you are facing issues you can read the user manual, documentation that you can download from the official website easily. This browser is supported on about every platform. It supports Linux, Apple OS X, Android, Microsoft Windows, and iOS. As this is developed by the community so you can donate the funds to the community as they provide a free online service to the users. It supports multiple languages, like English, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano, Korean, Nederlands, polish, Turkce, Vietnamese and other.


  • It is a freeware internet browser application.
  • Also, a file is available on the GitHub.
  • It has the latest version released Tor Browser 7.0.6.
  • It supports multi-language.
  • Also, it supports cross platforms of an operating system.
  • It is used by the individuals, community, family members, private company users, and other persons.
  • The main purpose of this browser is to hide the identity from the others also.
  • Safe browsing.
  • Can access block sites usually in the proxy network.

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