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Skype v8.25.0.5 is the latest version which introduced by Microsoft. It is for online communication purpose which allows us to voice and video calling. People can share their images and important files through it. It is using P2P technology to connect one person to another. Skype has many great features, It is the internet caller which will take the place of mobiles phone, Now you can call from anywhere free while using your internet connection. It will allow you to share your screen as well with your caller. You can do instant messages with your friends and families. Nowadays it is really famous for the organization for communication and meetings as well. It will allow you to call on your friend number but it is not available in free version.

You just need to buy its credit for calling on cell number. This application is very helpful in a group calling as well. You can take your lecture while using it. It will share your files security which has no chance of losing your data. It has a great video, audio quality. You can also search your friends on it and add them as well you can make new friends by adding stranger on your contact list. You just need a Microphone for audio and Webcam for your video calling. It is the best communication application for those who are far away from there families. They can talk with their families as much as they want it is 100% free.


  • You can do free calls with your friends and family.
  • It will allow you to free Instant Messages in private and group chat.
  • You can call on your friend cell number, it is not free.
  • It will allow you to share Screen with your friends.
  • You can do group calls.
  • It will allow you to share important files with your friends.
  • You can share images with your friends.
  • You are able to search all Skype members and add them to your contact list.
Title: Skype
Added OnJuly 8, 2018
Updated OnDecember 02, 2020 10:56 pm
Category: Communications
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 7
Developers:Skype Inc.
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