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Download Britannica Encyclopedia 2016 is considered as the oldest most reliable British Encyclopaedia containing all the general knowledge explained in the English language. Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc. Publish it by Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. It was published for the very first time in 1768. After 244 years, the publishers decided to stop printing the hard copies and converted them to the application form which is more accessible according to the current era of technology.

Over 100 editors work on the encyclopedia along with around 4000 contributors to make Britannica Encyclopaedia the way it is which is best among all. The team of editors and contributors is comprised of high-level experts including 5 American presidents and over 100 professionals who have won noble prizes.

The digital version can be easily accessed on the website and also as a mobile app that is compatible with iOS devices.

Rich in content

Britannica Encyclopaedia consists of all types of knowledge including that of biographies, biology, literature, astronomy, medicine, religion, geography, science, law, western philosophy, humanities and lots more. Many inventions are also listed in the encyclopedia with their step by step history presented for the readers.

Continuous upgrading

Continuous revisions of the content have kept this brand alive for the knowledge seekers. Once the content is released online, the life cycle of the information begins. Interaction and constant feedback among readers, editors, and contributors produces updates and revisions to maintain the high standard of Britannica. Moreover, changes that are made to the articles of Britannica Encyclopaedia are displayed alongside the changed articles. This enables the readers to understand the history of the topic and the changes made to the topic over time. This not only enhances the transparency but also acknowledge the contributors and editors who are constantly contributing the content of encyclopedia with best-updated material.

Editorial quality

It has been the top priority of Britannica Encyclopaedia Inc. since 1768 to keep up the editorial quality of its encyclopedia. Although Britannica has changed the methods of ensuring editorial quality in past decades their goal has always remained the same i-e to produce best and up to date knowledge for the readers and to validate the reliability of the content.

Authentic sources

The definitions and context in Britannica encyclopedia included various dictionaries that are incorporated in the encyclopedia with responsibility and fairness. The revision of content is done in the same way with precise review by the editors of Britannica.

Britannica Editors

The Editors of Britannica Encyclopaedia are identified as contributors. They play a key role in the maintenance and development of all the content and articles of the encyclopedia. Britannica’s editors are not only responsible for producing the content for encyclopedia but they also evaluate and respond to the concerns if any are raised by the readers about content. Britannica editors work closely with the copy editors along with other contributors to approach the revisions with high-level meticulousness. All this effort is done to ensure the clarity, accuracy, objectivity, and fairness of Britannica content.

All in all, Britannica can be conveniently and surely named as the most ancient, most reliable, most updated and most authentic encyclopedia in academic world. The app and digital version of this valuable encyclopedia is accessible for all those who want to get to know the reliable and authentic accounts and information of their required subjects and topics. Most of all, Britannica encyclopedia is not about a few subjects and genres but included knowledge regarding everything from science to arts and from literature to language and technology. The knowledge seekers can refer to its content and academicians can provide the information presented in this encyclopedia in their academic work without any doubt due to the accuracy, authenticity and constant updating of the knowledge and information that is provided in this valuable age-old encyclopedia.

Britannica Encyclopedia 2016 Features

  • Published by the company Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.
  • Oldest encyclopedia.
  • Developed to share knowledge with everyone.
  • Written by
    • 100 full-time editors.
    • 4,000 contributors.
    • 110 Nobel Prize winners.
    • Five American presidents.
  • Authenticated and no irrelevancy as compared to the previous version.
  • Comprehensive and well-organized articles.
  • User-friendly and easy to use as compared to before.
  • Famous because of almost every subject is covered in it.
  • It is included different dictionaries as compared to the previous version.
  • A complete history of many inventions is included.
  • Continuous revision and work kept it alive.
  • It has almost 200-year-old knowledge.
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