Discord 5.14.2018

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Discord 5.14.2018 is the chatting app that is designed by keeping the specific use of gamers for a cross-platform chatting app. The app empowers the users to connect with all the discord text and voice channels of chats even while AFK. Using the app, gamers can chat with the other gamers during the game and out of the game with complete engagement and convenience. All in all, discord can provide platform gamers so they can chat with game partners, team members and those who are currently active on the gaming site.

The main function of discord is completely free without any hidden charges. However, accessories such as themes, stickers and sound packs are available for purchase at a reasonable price. Users can play without any insecurity because encrypted communication between server and client safeguard the IP addresses of users Encrypted server to client communication keeps your IP address safe. Designed in a way that has a minimum impact on CPU so users can easily use it while playing their games without any delays in messaging or any hurdle in the gaming experience.

The very easy and friendly interface which doesn’t need the drivers or complicated configuration settings. It can be run even on the browser’s burg gives the best performance on Windows operating systems or OSX app. The technology behind Discord is of the latest and high level. The modern buffer jitter, noise suppression technique, automatic control, system attenuation, echo cancellation, and many more technologies.

Discord empowers its users to allows or block the individuals whom they want to chat or not respectively. If a user blocks someone then the blocked individual can not disturb the user with any direct messages. Discord doesn’t only block the bodies but also hide their text in servers as well to keep them out of your eyes. The customizable overlay enables the users to watch the chatters during the gaming action. The users can also make various adjustments such as volume settings, block or allow people, change channels, switch between servers and all this without leaving the actions of the ongoing games. This customizable overlay requires the clients and functions of Discord Windows on most of the games that use OpenGL, DirectX 9 and DirectX 11. Discord provides the experience of modern gaming chat enabling. With all these features and facilities, user-friendly interface and customers’ requirement based design, Discord is deemed the most suitable chatting app for small and big groups of gamers alike.


  • Messaging is faster, connectivity is stronger, and the sound signal is louder.
  • Updated to version 8.8.8 for Android.
  • For Mac operating system Updated version 0.0.255.
  • Updated to version 0.0.305 for Windows operating system.
  • Heavier tinkering on the main infrastructure of Discord.
  • Larger servers for better performance.
  • Reflection of Offline members once the number of 100 members are crossed.
  • Less usage of data Discord uses a lot less data now.
  • Low usage of battery by discord increases the battery life of users’ devices.
  • Audio chat: Users can join the audio chat channels to interact with your gaming group.
  • Real-time texting: The user can send a variety of files in real chat either there are images, video clips or texts.
  • Push notifications: users never miss anything with the facility of direct messages and @mentions.
  • Instant Invite: Easily add friends to your voice server by sharing the Instant Invite link.
  • Direct messages: users can send individual messages privately and directly to the recipient.
  • Server assistance: The tool helps users to manage groups of game chat in a single client.
  • Structured messages. The already designed messages keep the discussions on the appropriate current topic.
Title: Discord 5.14.2018
Added OnMay 13, 2019
Updated OnOctober 14, 2019 12:18 pm
Version: 5.14.2018
Category: Utilities
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 10,8.1,7.
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