AVG Antivirus Free 19.6.2383

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AVG AntiVirus Free as the name explains is free antivirus software that is designed to protect the host system from viruses and other malicious intrusions mainly when the user is exploring the internet zone. AVG can detect viruses and repair infected files. Moreover, it provides a quarantine zone particularly for the infected files that are unable to be repaired so the other content on the system is safe from catching the infection until these files are permanently deleted from the system. All in all, AVG is a powerful and rich program that has a new design and very fresh but simple to use interface. AVG AntiVirus is most suitable for those who want maximum security but without the complications that are part of mostly all the advanced antivirus that are available in the market.

AVG AntiVirus FREE is capable of blocking the infected links while the user is browsing on the internet, checking files before they are downloaded and protecting the personal data of the user on internet and on the computer as well with its powerful privacy features. Real-time protection of AVG keeps the computer safe from malware, viruses, ransomware, spyware, Trojans, and rootkits. To accomplish this purpose it uses advanced tools of AI and real-time analysis to block the threats from reaching the computer.

AVG AntiVirus FREE is available with a fresh and clear to understand design which feels intuitive. AVG AntiVirus FREE has the ability to analyze the threat as soon as it hits a suit so it can create a cure and disseminate it to millions of people using AVG. All the updates regarding security and new feature are automatically pushed to the users to keep them always updated. AVG AntiVirus FREE performs its work without much affecting the resources of the host computer. AVG doesn’t cost any amount to the users who want to protect their computers and Mac operating system from various threats that can harm the computer when the user is browsing on the internet through that computer. Because this program scans all the user accounts that are active on the host computer. Moreover, AVG alerts the users when they are about to land on an infected web page while browsing the internet so they can steer clear of the threats before they bring a problem to their computers and operating systems. The File shredder provides privacy not only when the user is online but also provides the same level of privacy afterward as well by providing complete deletion of the file which is not removed entirely from the system by regular deletion.

AVG Free Antivirus protects and alerts continuously to provide constant protection from evolving threats. When hackers design new techniques to harm a target computer, AVG finds its cure instantly in its research labs by processing the web data to keep up the new defenses against new threats. Users who install AVG Free Antivirus experience an uninterrupted gaming and surfing experience without getting interfered by threatening pop-ups and files. Scans for the potential threat keep working even when the user is not present there to operate them. The program intelligence knows when the user is gaming to ensure that the safety features operate in the background only to keep the user away from distraction.

With AVG Free Antivirus installed in the system, users can chat and text their friends on social media sites such as Facebook because they know that every link and web page and the link is being checked for the safety. Users won’t accidentally put or pick a malicious link to and from their friends. As files are scrutinized before getting downloaded without requiring any initiation from the user, therefore, the computer is also protected when the user is exchanging files in instant messaging sites like Yahoo and MSN.

The working of AVG free Antivirus is very simple unlike others available in the market therefore even the most basic use of computer can utilize the services of AVG without any difficulty. The program starts with a dashboard where all the functions can be accessed easily. AVG Free Antivirus scans the emails to look for potential or existing dodgy links or attachments that can harm the host computer. The program also offers an option of instrumental performance tune-up which allows the users to remove the unwanted files that slow down the working of a computer.

AVG supports various languages including English, Danish, Norwegian, Czech, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Dutch, Korean, French, Italian, Chinese and Portuguese. The security features, free online support along with a powerful cloud-based system of threat detection makes AVG a very good security suite to install on personal computers. All in all, if the users want a simple antivirus program with powerful security without slowing down of computer then AVG AntiVirus FREE is the answer. AVG provides protection regardless of location, time or date to provide constant peace of mind to its users. Below are the bulleted highlights for AVG Free Antivirus for quick understanding of its functions.


  • 70 million users to vouch for the quality.
  • Free to download and use.
  • Simple functions.
  • Easy to download, install and use.
  • Provides quarantine zone for infected files before they are completely deleted to keep the other content on computer safe from catching the infection.
  • Protects from malware beforehand.
  • Compatible with most of the popular operating systems.
  • Added download link to a version of 64-bit.
  • Added privacy through File Shredder.
  • Easy access to mobile apps of AVG.
  • Real-time protection through AL and real-time analysis tools.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • minimum impact on system resources and speed.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Exceptional anti-virus protection.
  • Enables uninterrupted gaming and surfing experience.
  • Enables safe share of files on social media sites.
  • Free technical support.
Title: AVG Antivirus Free 19.6.2383
Added OnSeptember 17, 2019
Updated OnSeptember 18, 2019 5:37 am
Version: 19.6.2383
Category: Antivirus
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 7,8.1,10
Developers:AVG Inc.
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