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Avast is the one of the best antivirus software that is used for protecting the computer systems from the malware. This antivirus protects from many harmful worms that came from web browsers, the Internet, or USB. It protects the whole system from them by scanning and file shield and protects them. Macs need protection too, as there are many reasons to protect the Mac system; the Mac OS X is one of the most secure operating system considered and available in the market. The antivirus or threats are not about the worms, malware but it’s about your security. So in the Mac, the harmful material gets your identity and your personal information, and sometimes they are willing to steal your money by stealing your credit card detail and use them.

The Hackers now use different techniques to get your data they “phish”, or “wale” technique to get your personal data. Sometimes they hijack the router and then your identity, so the whole next steps you are performing are at the security risk. Now in the market, 400 million people are using the Avast to keep protected from the harmful malware and gave feedback. As Avast is one of the big company that is has a team to work and keeps the whole system protect so, they keep up to date. They keep their antivirus systems up to date so keep protected from the virus.

The Avast is not only for the computer systems but it is also available for the iPhone, iPad, IOS, and for Android. It protects the data from your device while using the public network. Also, one special feature it has is, it is available in 43 languages, and it is available in 186 different countries. The malware detection rate is 100% for all of the architectural system. There are two types of accounts that are; For Home, For Business, and they also have two categories that are a free version and paid version. The home version is for internet security, pro antivirus, free antivirus, secure line VPN, passwords, cleanup premium, browser cleanup, and for all of the platforms. Whereas the Business, the endpoint protection, endpoint protection plus, endpoint protection suite, endpoint protection suite plus, Avast for business, Avast for education, file server security, email server security, and Linux security.


  • Macs need protection.
  • It controls the cyber-security.
  • Live support available.
  • 400 million people are using and provide their feedback.
  • 186 countries have this antivirus branches.
  • It is available in 43 different languages.
  • Graphical user interface is much secure and easy to use.
  • All features are clearly mentioned.
Title: Avast Free Mac Security
Added OnMarch 7, 2020
Updated OnMarch 08, 2020 1:33 pm
Version: 13.12
Category: Antivirus
License Type: Trial
Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 7
Developers:Avast Inc.
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