Anime Studio Pro 13

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Anime Studio Pro 13 is a software solution that helps users in making professional standard animations. It provides the most powerful system of 2D rigging in the market and combines it with unique animation tools to produce professional-looking results easily and effectively. Some of the major features are mentioned below.:

Smart Bones

This incredible feature reduces and diminishes distortion from around the joints of a character. Users can easily create 3D type motions by grouping a set of points and using the control levers of Smart Bones. Moreover, the task can be easily repeated with just the turn of a dial.

FBX Support to Unity Game Developers

With M9ho Pro, there is no need of creating rigid sprites to develop games having the looks and feel that a user wants. Instead, Unity game users along with developers can use the FBX support for all this.  FBX is an adaptable file format for Autodesk’s 3D animation and is considered as the most popular method to integrate animated 2D and 3D assets in the Unity.

Import files from Photoshop

Users can easily import their Photoshop files easily without compromising with the layers because all the changes made in Photoshop appear in Anime Studio where they can be further refined. Even features of Photoshop are supported in imported PSD files such as layer opacity, blending modes, smart objects, and smart filters.

Real-Time Media Connection

This feature automatically updates audio, video and image files in the imported ones in Anime Studio even when they are edited in external programs.

Media foundation

Media Foundation is now used in Anime Studio version which is designed for a 64-bit Windows version which makes it unnecessary to install QuickTime for importing popular formats of audio and video files such as MP3 and MP4. Anime Studio Pro is capable of creating movies through the media foundation media library if the animations are exported on Windows 7 and above. While it can create movies through DirectShow media library if animations are exported on Windows XP and above.

GPU Acceleration

GPU or Graphics Processing Unit  Acceleration utilize the hardware of host computer smartly to boost the quality and performance of various several layer types and enables the users to see the working of the tool precisely as a shape or stroke is being applied to the workspace. Bios boost in performance also reduces the problems of artifacts and pixelation when it is working with particular graphical elements including Vector and Image layers.

Nested Layer Controls

In the latest versions of Anime Studio Pro, if users have a group within a bone layer and then there are vector layers inside that group then the bone layer has the ability to manipulate the artwork in those vector layers if the control of the nested layer is turned on. This enables powerful rigging options and simultaneously simplify and allow more organization in the hierarchy of the layer.


This feature enables the users time to isolate the effect of a set bonus from the remaining skeleton. For instance, the bones of the left arm affect only the artwork that is for the left arm. This either reduces or diminishes the need to isolate the artwork on zero frames. Then the feature put it back with the Offset Bone tool. This new feature is great for vectors and images.

Adjustable Particle Source

Particle Layers enables users to use any type of shape in their work. Users can even use the shapes that have gaps, as the point of origin for your work. It can be simply done just by putting the reference layer on the bottom of the Particle Layer folder, turning on the tab of “Use base layer as source” in Layer Settings and it is done!

Improved Depth of Field

When users create the effect of Depth of Field through Project Settings, they’ll be visually represented of their required focal point on the workspace by the Orbit tool. This helps those who find it hard to remember the effect that will be gained by Depth of Field settings. Placing the focal line nearer to the assets will ensure their prominence while other things are blurred according to users’ focus range.


The software solution pro ides advanced updates and support to the task of scripting. The Scripting API exposes more data structures and functions which enables advanced users to create personalized add-ons and tools.

Layer Comps

Users can export multiple layers with just one click. This feature is useful to export only the selected items in a scene so they can be composite externally in 3rd party software. Users can also turn the groups off and on until the elements that belong together logically are not gathered.  Users then can create a new layer comp out of that group. At the time of rendering, users can opt to render particular layer comp as movie file.

Patch Layers

Patch Layers is set of features to construct the characters with masking abilities. This means, it allows the users to hide certain portions of a layer. Each body part can be created separately and then the overlapping lines can be hidden while assembling the parts. Moreover, the patch size can be adjusted perfectly so the layers are blended to give the desired style.

64-Bit Architecture

Anime Studio is designed mainly as a 64 bit app and contains remarkable enhancements in memory and speed both for those who work on 64 bit devices. The preview performance and rendering speed is also improved.

Timeline Markers

This features takes notes on timeline and also make comments there so users can use them for future reference.

Shy Bones

This feature enables the users to hide the bones and see only the ones that they current require in their work.

Easy to copy and paste

Copying and pasting layers, images, keyframes and animations from one document to other is very easy  in Anime Studio Pro

All in all, Anime Studio Pro is a vast land of creativity for high quality animations that can be made with above intriguing features.

Title: Anime Studio Pro 13
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