Android Studio 3.4

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Google organizes an annual developer conference every year in Mountain View, California which is known as Google I/O. It was one of these I/Os on 16th May 2013 when Google introduced the official IDE (integrated development environment) Android studio. It is a specifically designed software for Android development and users can download it on Windows, operating system and Mac operating system. Android studio 3.4 first emerged as version 0.1 and then entered its beta stage as version 0.8 in June 2014. It was not until December 2014 when it was presented in the market as a stable form of 1.0. Android studio has now completed its innovative journey of 7 years and recently Android studio 3.4 has been released in the market with all its glory.

Project Marble: The credit of this new release goes to Project Marble which is a focused initiative by Google solely for the purpose of enhancing Android studio for developers and to provide them with simple yet the advance system for Android development. The main focus of Project Marble is to release products based on quality that can ensure the reduction in the possibility of crashes, system hangs, bugs and memory leaks which all create a hurdle in the way of developing. The release of Android 3.4 is part of the same objective.

An insight into Android Studio 3.4: After incorporating advanced updates and enhancement, Android 3.4 is released for the users to download it for smooth and successful Android development. The new Android studio is designed with enhanced basic features of IDE to provide a rock-solid product for the users. The new release not only includes improved functions and bugs fixers but a set of features are also incorporated in the product to deal with core developer functions of app building procedures and resource management. Android Studio 3.4 makes an effort to address the issues that users face in the main features of IDE. Facing issues in core features in the IDE. The enhancement and innovation are done in the areas such as enhancement of PSD (Project Structure Dialog), R8 that has replaced Proguard. Moreover, as a result of feedback from users, an upgraded resource management tool is added to simplify bulk import, enable preview, and manage resources while making a project. All in all, these new and upgraded features will empower the users to achieve more productive and successful results for their app development practices.

Enhancement of development tools: Resource Manager is updated as a result of feedback from users. The upgraded tool improves the task of asset management and simplifies the navigation which is a tedious task particularly when the app gets more complex and tedious in Android Studio, especially as your app grows in complexity. The resource manager is an addition which organizes the simplify the view of assets for users. Import Intentions can suggest and direct the users towards a specific library or minimum set of libraries through code intentions by recognizing the common classes in the libraries. This feature saves time and helps users to stay in their contexts of code.

A panel for editing properties of a layout is built in the system to refine and polish the product. The Panel is upgraded with a single pane that the users can use by collapsing and raising the properties section in the pane. The panel further has the enhanced features of highligjt3d alerts, a refreshed color picker and resource binding control every property. An updated IntelliJ Platform brings improvement through the whole development journey from multi-line TODOs to the ability to search everywhere for the feature.

Enhancements in building tools: Android studio 3.4 is revamped with Project Structure Dialog (PSD) which answers the demand put forward by many users who wanted to have a front end of the user interface so they can better manage the project files. The up-gradation enables the developers to see build variables and provide suggestions to enhance the file configuration.

R8 is added in Android studio 3.4 as a replacement for Proguard after assessing the working of this feature for 2 years. R8 shrink codes and get rids of wastage which results in reduced APK size so the actual coding takes less place in the program. Moreover, R8 performs multiple functions in one step as compared to Proguard which makes R8 a quicker and efficient tool for Android apps.

Enhancement in testing features: Updates in Emulator Skin along with Android Q Beta Emulator System Image is the feature in Android studio 3.4 which is associated with the release of device skins Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL in the new product.

Support and services: Android 3.4 is not released in solitude but the plethora of supporting blogs id published alongside to provide in-depth knowledge which guides that how to investigate and fix the possible issues during a development project.

How to download: Android 3.4 can be downloaded on the latest version of operating systems that are Windows, Linux, and Mac and moreover it can be directly done from The old users of Android studio can have this latest version by visiting their navigation menu. The path is (Help => Check for Update on Windows/Linux and Android Studio => Check for Updates on OS X).

To summarize the discussion, Android 3.4 is the latest release of Google under the umbrella of Project Manager. The focus of the product is to enhance the experience of developers in terms of time-saving, effective procedures and successful results. For this purpose, a small set of new features that however is small but very instrumental for users is incorporated in version 3.4. Many of the features from the previous version is also modified and upgraded to enhance the overall development workflow for the developers. With the Android 3.4 in the market, people are looking forward to more innovation by Google in the near future.

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