Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

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Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is a top-level solution for PC performance and security and possesses powerful and industry-standard tools to do its job most efficiently. Those who need an easy and instant solution for their system’s protection, privacy, and performance, then IObit advanced SystemCare ultimate is one for them. The utility protects the host system against ransomware and other types of viruses and meanwhile cleans, speeds up an optimizes the system with complete efficiency. provides you with a one-stop solution to protect your system against viruses, ransomware, and other malware, as well as clean,, optimize, and speed up your PC. With its latest Bitdefender antivirus engine and expanded database, the program not only protects the data of your computer to be encrypted by intruders and hacked by third parties but the feature of Email protection in new versions protects the system from all kinds of threats that can enter your system through emails.

Protects Personal Data and online privacy

With time the hackers and intruders are enhancing their techniques and therefore now users want a more powerful tool to protect their data from any type of privacy breach.  Advance SystemCare ultimate not only keep the data safe but also provide privacy to online activities of users by disguising their digital fingerprint and removing and online trace that can be found by intruders through the feature of Browser Anti-tracking. Moreover, the PC will be completely protected against the modifications of DNS and the homepage. It also saves the users from the disturbance of constantly pop-ups of advertisement and hindrances like tracking, etc.

Cleaner & Faster computer

Advanced SystemCare PRO is the tool that enables this app to help the host systems in running faster and smoother.  The tool cleans up all the junk files and unwanted registries which frees up the disk space for better performance. It also manages the startup items efficiently for easy boosting. The internet speed is also enhanced when the Advanced SystemCare PRO optimizes the browser settings and monitors the PC at all times which enhances its response time.

Saves from potential virtual threats

If a computer is not properly protected, then it easily gets infected without even coming into the owner’s notice. This program provides a solution to such problems. With behavior-based detection technology, the program informs you of unauthorized access to your system in real-time to block potential ransomware threats.


This is one of the most interesting features of the Advanced Systemcare Ultimate. Users can configure this feature to recognize their face in webcam so when an unknown face will try to access the system, FaceID will detect it and will deny access.

Widget performance monitor

Widget Performance Monitor makes Advanced Systemcare Ultimate the most suitable app for computer geeks who knows their way around system specifications. This feature demonstrates the usage of CPU, RAM, and hard disk in percentage along with internet traffic. The monitor also includes the tools that free up the RAM memory and tales required screenshots.

The Rescue Centre and Turbo boost

This feature enables the users to create and also manage the restore points in the system.  lets you create and manage system restore points. Another feature namely Turbo Boost has the ability to speed up the Windows by deactivating services and processes that are not required for a specific function.

Updated Antivirus module

An updated feature in the new versions of Advanced Systemcare Ultimate is the upgraded antivirus module which is based on a top Bitdefender engine, therefore, protect the host system with utmost efficiency from network threats.  Malware Fighter engine intercepts malware and Real-time protector proactively safeguards the system against spyware.

Program deactivator

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate includes useful utilities like Program Deactivator. This tool disables background processes that are not required at the moment and provide HomePage Protection by preventing unauthorized modification of not only the homepage but of browser’ search engine as well.

All in all. Those who are looking for a program that can guarantee the security of your data, system, and privacy while optimizing the speed and performance of the host computer system then Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is the program that is recommended for complete care of PCs.

Title: Advanced SystemCare Ultimate
Added OnFebruary 11, 2020
Updated OnFebruary 12, 2020 2:20 am
Category: Antivirus
License Type: Trial
Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 7
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