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Adobe Photoshop CS6

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Title: Adobe Photoshop CS6
Added On June 20, 2019
Updated On October 06, 2019 2:29 am
Version: CS6
Category: Photo Editors, Adobe Photoshop
License Type: Commercial Trial
Operating System: Windows 10,8.1,7
Developers: Adobe Inc.
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Adobe Photoshop CS6 is one of the best and famous Photo Editor in the world, developed by Adobe Inc. It is used for designing, image editing, website designing, image editing, and video making purpose. In this release, Adobe Photoshop CS6 interface is darker than as compare to Adobe Photoshop CS5. They added few features, and fix the previous bugs, with continuously working on the development of their Photoshop products and they are releasing their new versions day by day. Adobe Photoshop CS6 is developed for the designers, engineers, producers, and directors to add a professional touch in their work. It has all the necessary functionalities for the designing field. We shared a trial version so after expiration the trial you need to buy if from Adobe official website.

Advantages of the paid service, it gives users subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud. Let’s discuss Adobe Photoshop CS6 great features, It has a Liquify filter, which is very special, faster, and supporting Smart Objects, including Smart Object video layers, and is applied as a smart filter. Another two enhancements are the addition of photographic blur effects in the gallery followed up by the color filling technique. The technique used is stroke color and drop shadow. Another few properties are the text layers, amendments in size, position, and shape. In this released introduced the latest catchy interface for their users, which will make a proper new and attractive look.

The user interface has turned to a darker tone and also providing the users with four different choices that they can change any time according to their mood. In the properties panel, users can see the Adjustment layers and the 3D options which are added in this version. Amazing wrap-style effects are added. The wavy quality of the panorama pictures is improved and straightened. A lot of new features are introduced and enhance that make better performance. It allows you to change the background from the image, can create videos in this tool, manage the colors, text, website design, 3D effects, and blur effects.


  • Easy to use.
  • You can now change the theme color of photoshop to light or dark.
  • The autosave time is customizable, easily can change to change it.
  • Layers management is more enhanced.
  • More color options can be used now.
  • The crop tool is enhanced.
  • Added patch tool, and content aware tool, which is used to remove objects.
  • You can set the hotkey for the shortcut.
  • New text tools are introduced.
  • Lorem ipsum text added.
  • More magic into image editing also.
  • Fixed bugs.
  • The Mercury Graphics Engine is implemented that is one of the powerful engines to perform.
  • Retouch photos with more precision.
  • For the image editors, the new blur options introduced that are best for photo editors.
  • Adobe Camera Raw 7.0 enhances.
  • You can increase and decrease Light effects in the image.
  • Video editing management also implemented in CS6.
  • 3D objects make like the other 3D software applications.
  • Liquify tool is amazing also.
  • Face detection is also introduced.

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