Adobe Illustrator CC 2018

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Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 has entered the market with a wide range of enhancements and additions such as Variable Fonts, new Properties Panel, Puppet Warp, etc. Some major features updated and added in the new version are worth discussing to truly understand the strength of Illustrator CC 2018.

Illustrator’s 2018 version is adorned with Variable Fonts that enables the users to make alterations to the selected font in terms of weight and width through simple sliders. Adobe has released Six variable fonts with this edition of illustrator and all 6 varies in characteristics. For instance, Source Sans can only alter the weight of font while Minion can work on the optical size as well as weight. Acumin adjusts the width, weight, along with the slant. Moreover, if a user doesn’t want to use sliders, then he or she can select the weight by scrolling through a lengthy list provided in the app. The color options for the fonts in the Illustrator CC 2018 is still few but one amazing thing is that users can build their own directly with the help of Fontself Maker.

Illustrator has initiated the support in this version for color fonts. Trajan and Apple Emoji ships are also introduced for the first time. The Trajan is comprised of various styles and textures. However, beginners will require some help in order to switch between them. The default gold color gives a great look, particularly with built-in beveled edges. Users can select one from numerous variants. For this user will first have to open the type panel to choose a variant of their choice from Stylistic Sets’ submenu.

Another noteworthy addition done in the 2018 version of Adobe Illustrator is Styled library text which allows the users to style a text block with their choice of fonts, styles, colors, and weights. The entire block of text can then be saved in users’ CC library where users can use it with other files of illustrator and by InDesign as well.

One more feature that is major addition in this version is Puppet Warp which was initially introduced in After Effects and Photoshop. Puppet Warp enables the users to place pins into the vector artwork. Users can pull these pins to different localities and can even rotate the artwork around the placed pins. This tool has great utility for organic shapes including animals because it greatly smoothness and simplify the task of changing a pose as users will not need to make selections of complex anchor point. It can be conveniently said that Puppet Warp is one of the key assets of Illustrator CC 2018.

Adobe has enhanced the Properties Panel in this version of Illustrator. The concept of Properties Panel originally comes from Adobe Photoshop versions and offers context-sensitive info that varies according to the object type that is selected on the panel. When it comes to vector shapes, the Properties panel is reflected with options of stroke, fill and opacity. Users can click on the respective thumbnails to make the changes. There is a Transform section as well to help users in scaling and rotating the objects easily. Finally, the buttons on Properties panel helps in flipping the objects in vertical and horizontal sides which is an addition made on high demand from users. A section is allotted to ‘Quick Actions’ which empowers the users to arrange and recolor objects and also to offset and join paths.

When a text object is selected, the panel changes to show the font, weight, size, kerning and justification. When multiple objects are selected, the panel displays alignment and Pathfinder options. It can be said with surety that Properties panel is indeed a major utility enhancement of this version that enables a well-arranged, simple to understand and clean interface that focuses on only the information that users need for the selection that they have made.

Export Panel is revised in Illustrator CC 2019. This revised export panel enables the users to export the selected artwork in various formats such as JPG, PNG, SVG, etc. The behavior of this export panel is however changed because in this version if users will drag more than one objects into panel then a separate export asset will be created for each object. However, there might be occasions when users would want to divide the artwork into constituent parts for the export purpose. Luckily, there is a way to work around this option. If users will hold the keys Alt or Option when they are dragging then the Illustrator will revert to the original behavior in which it exports the entire selection as a single asset.

Illustrator CC 2018 has also many other upgraded features and functions as well such as it now allows the users to select, align and distribute more than one artboards. Users with MacBook Pro will gain the benefit of new Touch Bar. Likewise, users with Windows 10 will users will enjoy Microsoft Dial support. Finally, Illustrator now allows the users to join the paths that exist in various groups.

All in all, Illustrator CC 2018 is remarkably improved version and a lot more than the previous ones in performance and efficiency.

Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 Features

  • Variable fonts with 6 different options including Minion, Source Sans, Acumin, etc.
  • Fontself Maker for users to create own color fonts
  • First time support for color fonts and ships including Trajan and Apple Emoji
  • Numerous color and style variants to choose from.
  • Style Library Text to style a text block and then save it to CC library for further use.
  • Puppet Wrap is the key asset which allows users to place pins and conveniently perform the process of changing pose.
  • Properties Pa el with context-sensitive information
  • Revised Export panel
  • Multiple artboards can be selected, aligned and distributed.
  • Support for Touch Bar for MacBook Pro users.
  • Support for Microsoft Dial for Windows 10 users.
  • Permission added to join the various paths in various groups.
Title: Adobe Illustrator CC 2018
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