Adobe Air

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Adobe Air is a cross-system app by Adobe which is designed to build desktop and mobile applications. It is programmed with ActionScript and Adobe Animate while optionally using Apache Flex. Adobe Air supports all the installable applications on the operating system of Windows and mobile devices such as BlackBerry, Android, iOS and Tablet.

Adobe Air sports an environment that enables ActionScript 3.0 coders and Adobe Animate content to build video games and other applications that operate as an independent app and behave similarly to the native application on platforms that are supported by the system. An HTML5 app and Flash Player used in a web browser require no installation. On the other hand, Adobe AIR requires installation from the installer file i-e Windows and operating system X or an appropriate App store for iOS and Android. Applications created via Adobe Air have unrestricted access to the file system and local storage while browser-based applications can only access individual files specified by the users.

By developing apps through adobe Air, users can access various useful functionalities such as text, vector and raster graphics, audio, video, camera, and mic capabilities. The system also includes more very useful features like native client extension, file system integration, access to connected devices and desktop integration. Adobe Air allows the applications to function in a variety of ways with data, including by using local files, through local the built-in supported SQLite databases, a database server or the local store that is encrypted and is included Air. It is the Native extension of Adobe Air that enables the developers to access additional functionality by building the Native Extensions that can access the functionality of a full device that is programmed in the native language.

To an average user, Adobe Air will be quite similar to Java because it functions with very similar features. For example, it offers programming options to the developers and this allows the developed apps to theoretically run on the platforms that support Adobe Air. These developmental capabilities are however not listed in the app in any form but users will get to know it by noticing that applications that are developed with Adobe Air are useful.

Adobe Air is compatible with applications associated with Flash either it is basic Flash-based games or a full-fledged complete application that is run on the desktop in its own files. In nutshell, Adobe Air provides much more options of features than Flash. Adobe Air offers sufficient compatibility with Adobe Flash that may not exist otherwise, on old or new devices, so if the users have any investment in apps developed with Flash then they must try Adobe Air.

Air’s runtime allows its users to have their most preferred web applications with them at all times. As applications developed for AIR run on the desktop without the need of a web browser, so they offer all possible convenience of a desktop app.

The popularity and effectiveness of Adobe Air can be judged by the fact that big players including AOL and eBay are also using this system to build exciting and new apps that enables the users to use them on desktops. All in all, Adobe Air is way towards easier, funnier and more powerful applications. Adobe developers want its users to be safe and therefore Be Adobe Air ensures safe installations by asking for digital signatures on each application of Air. This signature identifies the app and its creator before the installation begins.


  • Builds mobile and desktop apps.
  • Supports all the installable applications on the Windows operating system and that of mobile devices.
  • Features an environment that allows ActionScript 3.0 coders and Adobe Animate content to develop video games and other independently workable applications.
  • Provides unrestricted access to developed apps to the file system and local storage.
  • Features Native client extension.
  • Sports file system integration.
  • Provides access to connected devices.
  • Features desktop integration.
  • Sports additional functionality.
Title: Adobe Air
Added OnJuly 25, 2019
Updated OnSeptember 10, 2019 7:45 am
Category: Adobe Air
License Type: Free
Operating System: Windows 7, 8.1, & 10.
Developers:Adobe Inc.
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