Adobe After Effects CC 2020

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After Effects is software for visual effects and industry-standard motion graphic software with which users can make any idea to move effectively. After effect is a magic wand software with which users can acquire the effect that they desire including creating cinematic titles for movie, transitions, and intros, and transitions, producing motion in lower thirds and credits, removing objects from visual clip, starting fire or making rain as an effect and animating logos and cartoons and adding expressions and keyframes to them. Users can create from scratch and can also use the built-in presets to kick off their designs and acquire unique outcomes. Below are some main features and perks of the software to elaborate on the usefulness of Adobe After Effects CC 2020.


Besides the above mentioned basic usability, users can efficiently combine images and videos to acquire unique and intriguing moving effects such as shooting a star across the skyline, creating explosions, adding snowfall, creating fog and much more. Users can also remove objects such as wires, booms, and people. It is also possible to produce VR videos and drop the audience right into the core of the action.

 Text animations

With the After Effects CC 2020, users can swipe, slide, spin and inflict numerous types of movements to the text.

Compatibility with other Adobe apps

After Effects has the ability to work efficiently and smoothly with a number of Adobe apps. Users can create the comps and can easily review the preview on Premiere Pro with the help of Adobe Dynamic Link. Moreover, work from Illustrator, Adobe XD, PhotsoShop, Character Animator and Animate. Users can collaborate with the editors through Team Projects from any location. All in all, After Effects CC  2020 is integrated with more than 300 hardware and software partners.

Content-aware fill

Now it is very easy to cleanly and precisely remove objects from video clips. The feature of Content-aware fill has the ability to remove any unwanted item efficiently and seamlessly from the clip and that also without the need of masking the target that is to be removed or to tediously cut out the target frame by frame.

Mesh sculpting

The tools such as Advanced puppet tools are what makes the Adobe After Effects CC 2020 an outstanding app for editors. With the feature of Advanced puppets, users can perform mesh sculpting. Mesh sculpting is also done by tools such as Advanced and Bend pins which enable the users to twist, curve, scale and bend the animations with precise details.

Supercharged animation flow

Users can indeed supercharge their animations flows. An expression engine of JavaScript has the ability to deliver a maximum of 6 times more boost in the performance. Moreover, the latest new Expressions Editor makes it extremely faster and easier to not only write but also to identify the errors of your code automatically.

Depth effects

After Effects CC 2020 empowers the users to get depth effects from built-in 3D elements. Users can apply intriguing depth effects including fog 3D, Depth of Field and Depth Matte so the elements seem natural. Depth data can also be used to simulate 3D effects.

The other features are Live 3D Pipeline along with Cinema4D, Warp Stabilizer VFX, Refined Edge Tool, Track Optimization in 3D Camera Tracker, Automatic Find, Pixel Motion Blur, Layer and mask snapping, Bicubic resembling and Sync Settings are some other useful features of Adobe After Effects that users can try in the app and know about their usability and applications along the way to become an expert with graphical motions and visual effects. The sleek and smart user interface will engage the user instantly and in no time the user will get immersed in the intrigues of the app.

Title: Adobe After Effects CC 2020
Added OnNovember 10, 2019
Updated OnDecember 02, 2020 10:52 pm
Version: 2020
Category: Adobe After Effects
License Type: 7 Days Trial
Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and 7
Developers:Adobe Inc
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